Cloud Bookkeeping

Working Remotely


GoodBooks works entirely remotely and so we’ve had years of experience now doing so.  I wanted to mention here some of the ways that we simplify and streamline accounting to do so:

  1.  Set up every standing (i.e. routine) vendor you can such as utilities, equipment rentals and fuel invoices to be autopaid. You can have them email the invoice or receipt directly to your bookkeeping software (ask me how). Pay on your credit card and earn miles or cashback!
  2. Sync your bank account to your bookkeeping software so checking account transactions are automatically entered into your bookkeeping.
  3. Set up “rules” in your checking account so that those automatic entries are coded to the right accounts automatically.
  4. Establish a bill-paying process online for those ad-hoc bills you need to pay.  We use several (QBO, Roger, depending on the bookkeeping software the client is using. These systems are so easy and can even route your bills for approvals.
  5. Use Zoom to have team meetings with up to 100 people in attendance.  One account for your church or organization will allow committees to meet, leadership to meet and one on one meetings — all for $15/month!
  6. Use SLACK for interoffice communications — it’s free! and you can share files, keep track of conversations, and just “chat” with each other instantly. We’re here to help.  And if we can offer you any assistance in establishing these tools for your church, just let us know.  It’s our gift to you during these times.