1. We introduce ourselves

We start the process with a meet and greet to find out what your specific needs are and to discuss how we can help you meet those needs.

2. We send you a proposal.

If we believe that we are a good fit for your needs and we can truly add value to your organization, we will send you a detailed proposal of what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you. This proposal will include all the services we are offering you at a flat monthly fee.

3. Moving forward.

If the proposal looks good to you, we will send you an agreement to sign and you’ll provide us with payment details. Automatic withdrawal via EFT (electronic funds transfer) and all major credit cards are accepted.

4. The partnership begins!

Once the agreement is signed, we’ll work together to prioritize your specific needs match you with an experienced bookkeeper that will fit your culture, and begin the process of streamlining and maintaining your financial records.

5. We are the picture of symbiosis!

Our Director of Client Relations will immediately start the process of on-boarding all the specifics of your organization and our customer specialist will stay in touch with you and the bookkeeper to ensure all is going smoothly.

6. And the winner is!

You! And Bellwether! It’s a win-win (don’t you love it!) Once you and your bookkeeper have ironed out all the details, you will slip into your new routine and be amazed at the information at your fingertips. Our Director of Client Relations will check in regularly to answer any questions and provide any support you might need. We are always here for you!