Our business model is based on simplifying your administrative work and providing you with expert, secure and timely data to enhance your mission.

Expert People

Our vetted and experienced staff are ready to come alongside your team and prepare accurate, timely and relevant financial data that will enhance your operations and simplify your life.

Secure Processes

Our motto is work smarter and we do this by utilizing the most secure and up-to-date technology to collect, record and report your data. Your data is safe and available to you 24/7.


We offer you the freedom to focus on your mission, utilize your volunteers and staff more efficiently and leave the paperwork to us.

Want to see how our virtual bookkeeping system works?

You Own Your Data, Your Finances, Your Information

Bellwether utilizes QuickBooks Online and QBO Partner Apps to account for your finances, offering real-time, 24/7 access to your data. We will simplify your life and add layers of protection for your assets that you have not had in the past. We want to help you protect your organization from financial mismanagement. That being said, we start each client off with a complimentary review of their current financial practices with an eye toward risk management and internal controls.

Our Standard Package Includes:

  • 24/7 Access / 256K Encryption
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Digital Monthly Reports
  • Ability to export your data
  • Storage on Secured Server
  • Chart of Accounts Maintenance
  • Daily Transaction Bookkeeping and GJE’s
  • Annual Donor Receipts & 1099’s

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