What’s “app-ening”!?! – Xero is Happening!

XERO is Happening!

Whats Appening 3

Xero accounting software is in the cloud. It’s accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s secure, it’s simple and it’s going to change your life! And even better, you sync your church bank and credit card accounts to Xero and you are definitely working smarter not harder! You practically have “xero” left to do to keep your church books!

The bank (or credit) card statement is the driving control document for your church bookkeeping. With Xero those entries come automatically into your Xero church booking software and you just have to check your Xero app once a day or once a week and code those transactions to right activity –deposits to your giving account and expenses to utilities, salary, or office supplies. You get the idea!

And what do you have at the end of the month! Xero problems! And Xero mistakes! Plus, a budget report (Statement of Financial Activity) and a balance sheet (Statement of Financial Position) to share with your leadership team!

And get this! GoodBooks has created and published a set of seven videos (totaling…..drum roll please 27 minutes total!) that speak in “church-eze” so you can get setup and going in minutes!
You can subscribe to GoodBooks’ Xero program and we will get your church set-up for FREE, teach you via our videos, and be available for your question all for just $39/month!! I know, it’s hard to believe!

GoodBooks is happy to help you navigate your way to working smarter at your church so you can have more time to follow your mission! Contact us today!