What’s “app-ening”!?! – It’s good to be slack!

It’s good to be slack!

Whats Appening 1
If you’re not SLACKING, then you are just behind the times. Slack is a cloud-platform that provides direct messaging between you and your team …. Shhh, but it replaces email and is so much more functional!! The best part is you can probably use the FREE version forever!

A team might be your staff, your committee heads, your leadership team or your trustees. You can set up a dedicated channel (think file drawer) for every project, committee, or Sunday school class and see all the conversations about that single subject in one place! Seriously!

You, the admin, have the ability to create public channels or private channels. Private channels are limited to those members of the team that you assign to that channel! So anyone who needs to be in on this conversation can be! And guess what! Everyone with access to that channel can access the same information! Crazy, I know!

Slack, of course, has an app for your smart phone so you can always be in the “know”. But you can also pause your slack when you don’t want to “know” what’s happening! Add the slack app to Google Chrome and you can just slide any relevant emails right over to the relevant slack channel and everyone can catch up!

Can’t recommend it enough if you are interested in productivity, team building and organizing your communication! Take a look at Slack today!

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