One + Check Signers Is Not Enough

Embezzlement 2

If you read my last blog, you read an example of how a small church with a small budget, managed to be embezzled of over $65,000. Dr. Todd Johnson of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity observed that “probably 80% of all cases are kept private or swept under the carpet”.¹ No one wants to admit they have been embezzled:

  • It is embarrassing to admit
  • It gives the congregation pause about giving
  • It is convicting that good stewardship was not in practice
  • It is just something we don’t want to think about

I get it.

But there is no reason and no excuse for this to be the case any longer. Technology today is available and affordable to ensure that every church can afford to have good books.

This is exactly the reason GoodBooks was launched. We provide a bookkeeping app  that will sync to your bank account, ensuring all transactions are recorded and facilitate bank account reconciliations almost automatically. A Bank Reconciliation is KEY to ensuring all transactions are accounted for AND it is imperative that an independent individual prepares and/or reviews carefully the bank reconciliation every month. GoodBooks means more than one person has their eyes on your church books – and this means 24/7/365 in the palm of their hand on their smart phone or at their tablet or computer.

We also train your staff to use the app with a library of FAQ’s to address the most common questions that churches ask us. We rarely have a church come to us that isn’t paying their pastor incorrectly, or recording or receipting donations incorrectly and/or ignoring their balance sheet altogether.

When you have only one person taking care of the church checkbook, and/or spreadsheet it doesn’t really matter how many people you have signing checks, because there are too many other ways for that one person to embezzle and cover their tracks.

Transparency, timely financial information and good books is what we want for every church! Contact GoodBooks today. See how we can help you today – the price of not taking care of your financial business properly is just too high. You can’t afford not to check out GoodBooks!

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¹ http://christiansentinel.com/2017/07/01/balance-sheet-global-christianity/ (accessed 8/15/17)