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Lee Ann Image Lee Ann Crockett believes everything she has done in her life has led her to this moment, this time, this vocation. She grew up in a family of pastors and church volunteers. After graduating from university and attaining her CPA, she worked in auditing and management consulting for over 14 years in the corporate arena.

She left her Fortune 100 career to raise her family but continued in small business consulting, non-profit volunteer and paid positions, and teaching, She retired from her CPA thinking grandparenting was her new career when the Lord placed an irrepressible desire to come alongside churches with the tools that will alleviate their administrative burdens and help them protect their assets. Learn more about Lee Ann’s business background and how she found her way into the Church niche by listening to one of her interviews.

Listen to the Bellwether Church Solutions’ founder give an interview about our services on Am360 The Word

Our Core Values

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Put God first

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Bellwether Church Solutions’ Culture Encourages

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To accomplish win-win’s

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To understand and respond appropriately

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To be humble and grateful

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To work effectively and efficiently

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To equip and teach

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To meet and exceed

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