Managing Church Finances in these Times – 12-Month Rolling Budget

12-Month Rolling Budget.

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We have discussed budgeting previously (see blog links here). But now, more than ever, during these unusual times, it is important for the church to stay on top of their finances.

Most of us probably have the mindset that budgeting is a once a year “project”. But this is a paradigm that we might want to look at more closely. With today’s technology and more timely financial information we can review, adapt and forecast with more precision. And so, what about the idea of adopting an on-going budget — a 12-month rolling budget that is reviewed and adjusted say on a quarterly basis? Hmmmm, that’s interesting.

This could be in addition to your annual formal budget or in place of the annual budget. Churches experiencing rapid growth and/or something like – let’s say…a pandemic – might find this a useful management tool. There will always be the need to look back or look forward 12 months to work within the restraints of your governing policies and the fiscal restraints approved by the congregation. But adapting this type of tool may be very useful in being more flexible to accommodate your ministry priorities in these changing times.

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