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Lee Ann Crockett of Good Books recently joined the Where Accountants Go podcast to share a little about her journey.

Here’s a sneak peek:

“Lee Ann actually started as a Liberal Arts major, but while putting herself through school by working a bookkeeping position, she realized she enjoyed accounting and decided to switch her major.

Lee Ann’s story really has something for almost everyone. She started with the multi-national Halliburton organization as an auditor and CPA, worked in several roles with them, and then eventually decided to leave to start her family. Many years later, and after quite a bit of part-time consulting, she started Bellwether Church Solutions, which is an financial advisory service focused on churches. In addition, she just recently added a small-church solution that she calls GoodBooks to her mix of services. She really does have a unique practice that she is passionate about — serving churches and helping them to be good stewards.”

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