Preventing Fraud in Church Accounting – Download Now!

Some people may not know how I ended up working so closely with churches on their books.

I was working with a variety of businesses — travel agencies, contractors, publishers, nonprofit organizations and then a church approached me that had been embezzled. This was shocking to me and I started researching this problem and found it was all too common — so, made up my mind to address the accounting needs of churches.

I’ve worked with churches for years now and have seen common challenges pop up time and time again. I wrote this ebook called Preventing Fraud in Church Accounting to address these problems that churches can’t afford to ignore.

Here’s an excerpt from the ebook

“After the shock subsided, I began investigating to determine how common fraud or embezzlement is perpetrated in our churches. I was sure it must be the exception rather than the rule.

I was stunned.

Thirty percent of all churches experience this breach of trust and an estimated $25 billion is stolen from churches and non-profits each year. This newfound knowledge mixed with my friend’s experience lit a fire in me. Never dreaming I would write a book, I found myself compelled to do so. I couldn’t bear it.”

Download the ebook here