It’s That Time of Year: Budget Season

As we approach Q4 of 2022 many churches have already begun the budgeting process. This can be quite daunting and time-consuming. Where do we begin? How do we budget for each category? How can we predict what income and expenses will be next year?


We already have a blog post with suggestions on how to start your budget planning as well as why you may need more than one budget. We also laid out a 3-month timeline with suggestions on what documents and data need to be gathered and when in order to create a thoughtful and well-researched budget.


In addition to all those resources, we suggest that you keep in mind these tips for creating a healthy budget.


Consider your mission

Your budget should align with your church’s overall mission. What is your main vision? Do you have a specific initiative for the following calendar year? Is your budget aligned with helping you achieve these goals? Having this bird’s eye view conversation before you even begin calculating the budget can help you and your team keep everything in perspective.


Buy-in from your congregation

Meeting as a church and presenting the budget for approval is key. Explaining to your congregation what the mission/vision is of the church and how this budget helps achieve those goals will allow your congregation to feel comfortable with the direction of the church leadership. This also means they are comfortable tithing to the church. Transparency is crucial.


Stay positive – this is God’s money, after all! 

Budget meetings can become cumbersome and sometimes negative. With our changing economy, fear about future giving or rising prices can also creep into the conversation. Remember that this is God’s money and God’s church. We are simply the stewards of the resources that He provides. He can and will show up — trust Him!